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    Seeker's Demo Roster

    • Shows your student roster.
    • Demo Data is provided to get started.
    • "Import" Real Student Data via CSV file created from Spreadsheet program (Excel or Numbers).

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    You may also wish to "ADD" an individual student.

    You will be provided with a screen that allows you to enter any or all of the 8 items needed by the app. Note that the Student ID is always mandatory.

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    Move from your student roster to Status in an emergency.
    Students names are initially marked with “?” for unknown.

    Simply hold down the "?" and a dialog will pop up allowing changes to Found, Absent, or Released".

    Your status screen is updated to show which students have changed status.

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    Search for a student in the Status screen.

    Select that student's name and their ID will pop up.

    Their status and notes made at each change are also revealed.

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    Once each teacher/admin has processed students in their charge during an emergency, you want to synchronize the data on a single device.

    Select a device to post data to, and select to Airdrop the data.

    A standard Airdrop dialog will pop up with all the devices available in the immediate area. Choose a device and send the data to it one teacher/admin at a time.
    Note: A device must be "awake" in order to show it's icon/name in the AirDrop network.

    Accept the data on the target device by selecting "Seeker GST". Now you have a consolidated list of all students Found, Absent, or Released (with notes).

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    You've just streamlined your first emergency exercise.

    Now you can elect to save or share the results with others.

    Simply "Mail" the results from the Status page, or Export from the Roster.

    Both activities work with the Demo Data, but will require a subscription when using real school data.

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    When you select "Mail" in the Status screen or "Export" in the Roster screen, the subscription dialog automatically pops up.

    You will select either the Monthly subscription @ $19.99/month or the discounted annual fee. These subscriptions are normal Apple subscription services and renew automatically until you stop them.

    You will receive dialogs letting you know your purchase has gone through. The About page will change to let you know your subscription is active and when it will renew.

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    When you are finished saving or sharing your emergency status reports, you will want to clear the tracking data on the Preferences page so you will be ready for the next emergency.

    You may also want to set your name in Prefs so that you will know which students you process.

    You may also wish to pick a personalized PIN number to protect your student data within the app and pick an automatic logout time frame.

    Demo Data Example in Excel.

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    Demo Data CSV Exported from Excel.

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    Demo Data CSV Imported.
    Select "Suggest Row Names" for Automatic Alignment (recommended).

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