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Assign Student Detention
Assign Detentions to students on the spot.

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Start by setting up some useful information that will be used assigning detentions.
Add the name of the person assigning detentions.

Protect the data by choosing a PIN.

Set up your preference to indicate where the detentions were assigned.

Clear the students' detentions for new semesters, years, or quarters.

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Open the Detentions tab to start assigning detentions to students.

Find a student by name, DoB or scan and ID.

Select their picture and add them to the Detention list.

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Share detentions with other admins with Detention Room app.

Demo Data Example in Excel.

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Demo Data CSV Exported from Excel.

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Demo Data CSV Imported.
Select "Suggest Row Names" for Automatic Alignment (recommended).

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